Overcome Your Mountain Of Debt

Debt Plan Calculation For My Debts

The default debt list displayed the first time this page is loaded is the sample listing from the Ebook as an example. If all debts are removed and none added, the list will reappear.

If you want to remove a debt from the list, click on the "Delete" icon at the right side of the corresponding row.

Follow the the steps outlined to enter your data and let us help you get an idea of where the light is at the end of the tunnel.
  1. Click the "Add Debts" button.
  2. Enter the information in the Add Debts dialog box and click "Save". Repeat for all debts.*
  3. Enter monthly "Margin" amount that can be comfortably added to payoff debts. Leave at 0 if there's a question. It can always be modified and recalculated again later.
  4. Enter one-time "Lump Sum" amount used to kick start debt payoff.
  5. Click the "Calculate" button. Results will be displayed below.

* This information is saved using a cookie used by your browser when the "Calculate" button is clicked if the "Remember My Debts" checkbox is checked. No debt information is saved on this site.

Principal Payment Interest Rate
Name Type Current New Current New Current New
Dept Store Card 1 Credit Card 500.00 15.00 15
Dept Store Card 2 Credit Card 600.00 15.00 16
Major Credit Card Credit Card 6000.00 120.00 18
Hardware Store Card Credit Card 4500.00 90.00 18
Car Loan Auto Loan 14000.00 263.56 4.9
Minivan Loan Auto Loan 21000.00 338.20 5
Home Equity Loan Mortgage 15000.00 107.23 3.5
Home Mortgage Mortgage 250000.00 1193.54 4